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7 facts you didn't Know about LeBron's New 'House Three Thirty' in Akron

The LeBron James Family Foundation Opens Doors at House Three Thirty

(Akron, Ohio 2023) - I am so excited to share the fantastic behind-the-scenes look I got at House Three Thirty, the LeBron James Family Foundation (LJFF) multi-use space. Not only is this space for I PROMISE families but also the entire Akron community AND visitors from all over the world.

First of all, a shoutout to Stephanie Rosa and Nick Lopez for their hospitality and time in giving me such a unique look inside this gathering space for the Akron Community and beyond!

1. What 'House Three Thirty' actually is

LBFF Creative Director Nicke Lopez and Julie Holiday stand in the newly renovated House Three Thirty Ballroom

What used to be the old Tangier entertainment center is now a beautiful space for all of us to enjoy. The newly renovated space also provides job training through the venue's varied dining, retail, and entertainment spaces.

2. It's open to the public and you can go today

My favorite part is the HUGE open floor plan and the Starbucks that offers a window on Market Street in Akron.

It is a vibe!

As an independent contractor building my own media business, it's important for me to have creative spaces to go and work remotely. Sometimes my couch doesn't always motivate me. I absolutely was in "AWE" at the gorgeous layout and the options to sit and dive into your laptop, meet with a friend, or hold a company meeting.

3. House Three Thirty pays homage to what was there before

Painted walls and frames commemorate the history within this historical Akron building.

What was once a hall of fame for the Tangier acts and guests is now a painted wall and frames to commemorate the history within this historical building. Opened by Ed George Sr. in 1948, The Tangier has been providing the Akron community with food and entertainment for three generations. The Tangier is now relocated to Our Lady of the Cedars 507 S Cleveland Massillon Rd, Fairlawn, OH 44333. They are still hosting weddings and banquets!

4. You can purchase swag

Nick Lopez, the Creative Director for the LeBron James Foundation showed me the first physical destination official We Are Family gear and I Promise bands are available for purchase. The shop also showcases the work of local artists and entrepreneurs as well as LeBron brand partners. Tshirts, hats, and miscellaneous memorabilia make up this on-campus swag store.

5. It's staffed by I PROMISE community members

House Three Thirty was developed with training in mind

I was surprised to learn the many ways in which the space is lending to learning for the members of the I PROMISE community. “Every square inch of House Three Thirty represents an opportunity for our families to better their futures,” said Michele Campbell, Executive Director of the LeBron James Family Foundation in a news release. “Every detail, every process, and every offering has been developed with our families in mind so this venue can serve a multitude of purposes for our community – with the most important being the life-changing job training for our team members.”

6. There will be a one-of-a-kind LeBron James Sports Bar opening in 2024

Under construction at The LeBron James Family Foundation's House Three Thirty is the LeBron James Sports Bar and BBZ Juicery. It will be a high-end destination that pays homage to LeBron's basketball journey. This has its windows right on Market Street. I cannot think of a better spot to watch Cleveland Sports! Can I get an Amen?

Once open, this will also be the location for Savannah James' (LeBron's wife) BBZ Juicery. Now being meticulously crafted with attention to every detail, this space is anticipating a 2024 opening. I can't wait!

7. A Fully Interactive LeBron James Museum is underway on-site

From childhood to the NBA, this Museum at House Three Thirty will be a must-see

I got a super-exclusive-I-shouldn't-even-be-writing this sneak peek into the LeBron James Museum that is underway at House Three Thirty. It features an ENTIRE walkthrough of LeBron's life. WOW! I cannot wait until this feature is released to the public. You get to walk through his life - starting at Spring Hill Apartments - and ending with...oh wait! I'll let you find out for yourself! The exhibit is one-of-a-kind and features never-before-seen items from his journey. This multi-media storytelling experience is being curated with the opening slated for June.


Here's how/when to visit:


Monday to Friday: 6 AM – 3 PM

Saturday: 8 AM – 4 PM

Sunday: CLOSED


Starbucks – 6 AM – 2 PM (Monday to Friday); 8 AM – 4 PM (Saturday); CLOSED (Sunday) *expanded hours coming June 2

Chase Community Space – 11 AM to 3 PM (Monday to Friday)

LeBron James’ Home Court, Retail Shop & The Sweet Shop coming soon (June 2)

These initial opening hours will be revisited at the end of May to adjust for summer hours while House Three Thirty team members continue to train in various sectors and Be Best service. 2024 will see a more robust calendar of events and extended hours to bring the full House Three Thirty experience to the community and beyond in this transformational model for change.

Stop. Drop. and visit House Three Thirty!

Tell them Julie Holiday sent you!


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