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6 Ways to Wear Leopard Print

Written by: Julie Holiday

Taking a page out of former fashion editor and journalist, Erica Davies' book, "Leopard is a Neutral," I have taken to the racks of the Kent/Ravenna Goodwill location to showcase the infinite ways in which leopard can be worn.

Truly, we can think of leopard as being a "neutral" to help us coordinate our outfits when we need an additional piece.

Leopard print is one of my favorite prints to wear because it is so versatile and can be worn in many, many different ways. Let's walk through some of them!

1. Oversized Leopard Top with Leggings

When I scroll through the racks of Goodwill, I do my best to have a plan. I knew that looking for leopard print would be my assignment and so it made cruising through the aisles that much more fun and easy. I just kept my eye out for the print and grabbed whatever I could find. I was ecstatic when I found this oversized top that was somewhat sheer. It’s one of those easy-to-own pieces that can be paired with a bathing suit, or put over leggings like it is pictured above. What makes an outfit come together is styling it with accessories, so I grabbed this stylish and in-season black mini-book bag. I think this look could go from the office to after dinner effortlessly.

2. Leopard Sweater with Black Pants

This outfit screams "I’m on my way to grab some coffee and to pick up the kids but I’m doing it in style." I loved the fit of this lightweight sweater and although it is just one layer, the mix of white added to the waist and sleeves gives it a layered effect. It gives it a look of sophistication well, not adding any bulk. I used the mini book bag as my accessory of choice. While this look is more casual, I think the hairstyle adds to the elegance that can be achieved.

3. Leopard Pants with a Neutral Top

While in the dressing room, I was getting rockstar vibes with these leopard pants. So I decided to style my hair with that same intention. The end product is an edgy, rockstar, vibe, ready for the concert look. Sometimes I think it’s better not to always opt for jeans, and animal print pants can achieve a unique look. I paired this outfit with an over-the-shoulder Michael Kors handbag - which would. pair well at a concert.

4. Leopard Sweater with a Pleated Skirt

OK, if you do not have a pleated skirt, the next one you find at Goodwill, grab it. This emerald color green is so popular throughout the year! I know I will be wearing it for many years and for many occasions. I cannot believe I got the skirt for under five dollars! This color green is popular the entire month of December and trust me when I say it goes for hundreds of times more at upscale department stores. Although it may not be your first thought, pairing a skirt with an oversized sweater, can look quite stylish. When I found this leopard sweater, I knew I could pair it with that new pleated skirt I had just purchased! Give it a try, you will get a lot of compliments!

5. Leopard Hair Accessory

Leopard print does not need to be the main print in an outfit. Adding leopard to your look in subtle ways can also elevate the overall vibe and feel of your outfit. This leopard scarf is such a beautiful find and can be placed in the hair in countless ways. If you've never tried tying a scarf to your handbag, that can add instant sophistication! Adding leopard in subtle ways can help to enhance the look of elegance and beauty you may be going for.

6. Leopard Dress with Handbag

If you're anything like me, you LOVE a good wrap dress. We can thank Belgian fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg for introducing and evolving the wrap-style. It complieents the waist while also leaving any bumps or bulges hidden to the eye. The dress in leopard is SO GOOD! I decided to pair it with my Michael Jors handbag again and to wear it more like a "clutch." I feel ready for date night, a meeting for work, or a friend's luxurious BBQ. Leopard all-over is a WIN.

In conclusion,

let's embrace the timeless allure of leopard print as a versatile "neutral" that effortlessly enhances our style. As we've explored the racks of Kent/Ravenna Goodwill and discovered the infinite ways to incorporate leopard into our wardrobe, it's clear that this iconic print isn't just a trend—it's a wardrobe essential. So, whether it's an oversized top with leggings or sophisticated accessories, let's continue to celebrate the versatility and charm of leopard print in our everyday ensembles.

Visit today Goodwill Kent/Ravenna today!

2528 State Route 59Kent OH 44240


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