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Chill With Me at the Lock 3 Igloos

"Now that's how to properly do Winter in Northeast Ohio." - Julie Holiday

(Akron, OH - 2021) - Whether it's a date you'd like to impress, an afternoon with the family, or an outing with the office, Lock 3 Akron hits it out of the park again with these rent-able Igloos. Not only are they heated but they come complete with table and chairs to be able to enjoy a picnic or some food from the counter. Keep in mind, though, if you bring food from outside, there’s an additional $25 charge, BUT if you purchase food from a downtown restaurant, the fee is waived.

Reservations are required but it's not too shabby -- $50 for two hours. Keep a lookout when reservations open for the Winter!

Lock 3 Igloos

Vibe: Cool, Upscale, Laid Back

Friendly: Family, Friends, Couples, Kids

Wardrobe: Warm, Casual


(Copyright, Julie Holiday, 2022)

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