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Discovering Joy | Your Goodwill Akron Adventure for a Fulfilling Year Ahead

Published December 2023

By Julie Holiday

Hey friend, it's Julie Holiday! As we step into the new year, we are gearing up for resolutions. While I love a good goal, I find it better to have movement in the direction of good health and well-being. In my quest to find things in our community that help and enhance our lives, I wanted to show you items that contribute to a healthier, more balanced, and peaceful life.

In this adventure, I drove to the Northfield, Ohio location of Goodwill Industries, just a 25-minute drive from Akron. I was met with these items that sparked acceleration for a more intentional year ahead.

🏃 Essentials to Help You Move More: DVDs and DVD Players

A popular resolution is to incorporate more movement into our lives. It doesn't necessarily mean running marathons; even power cleaning your house counts! Explore the diverse collection of DVDs at Goodwill stores. Imagine finding a DVD player to pair with it, playing some fantastic music, and getting your body moving.

🏃 Essentials to Help You Move More: Exercise Accessories

Check out these Fitbit wristbands – a thoughtful gift idea for yourself or a health-conscious friend. Fitbit bands, with varying retail values based on model and features, are popular wearable devices designed to enhance health and fitness tracking. What a find! For individuals seeking to improve their health and fitness, a Fitbit band serves as a valuable companion, offering real-time data, insights, and motivation for a more active and healthier lifestyle. I love shopping in the electronics never know what you will find!

🏃 Essentials to Help You Move More: Running Shoes

If you're a fitness enthusiast or are resolutely planning to be, the athletic shoe collection at Goodwill is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. I loved the selection the staff put to the side for shoppers! There were so many to choose from and many with original tags!

🌿 Spark Your Green Thumb: with the Floral Department

In the pursuit of a positive mindset, surround yourself with plants and nature in the coming year. Goodwill is a treasure trove for plant pots and even artificial plants if you're not confident in your green thumb or prefer low maintenance. Pro tip: if you find more than one plant or pot...grab it! Decorating in sets of two or more makes for a more organized feel.

🗂️ Good Orderly Direction: Items for Organization

An organized life is a happy life!

Elevate organizing and decluttering to the top of your 2024 priorities. Goodwill is my go-to for ingenious organization solutions. I recently stumbled upon a modern shelf at a fraction of the retail price – perfect for storing my purses! Oh and if you need more purses for your collection, there is always treasure to be found in the purse department!

📚 Embrace Self-Care: Surround Yourself with Books

The book section at Goodwill's Northfield location is a haven. Discovering gems like Arianna Huffington's inspiring book on building a brand adds a touch of fulfillment to my life. At just $1.50 apiece, these books are a steal. Also spotted: recipe books, fiction favorites, and classics.

🍽️ Spark Friendships! Entertaining Essentials

Embrace the new year with new beginnings in relationships and friendships. Hosting gatherings at home is a favorite pastime, and Goodwill consistently delivers beautiful, entertaining pieces. My recent find was a party set in its original packaging – a testament to the variety and quality available.

🤝 Support Local Community Initiatives

In 2024, let's actively support local community initiatives. Every visit to a Goodwill Akron store contributes to vital foundations and causes that assist those in need. Did you know Goodwill prepares individuals for community employment, offering specialized vocational training within the Retail and Business Services operations?

By choosing Goodwill, you're making a positive impact on the community.

I'm eager to see your discoveries and donations at Goodwill!

Here's to a year of fruitful Goodwill Hunting 🛍️🎉


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