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DIY Coffee Filter Flower Bouquet

We're in a time where going and buying gifts is not seen as an 'essential' task. I was SO excited when Goodwill Akron nudged me to add some crafts to my blog as this is one of my FAVORITES and can save SO much $$$$!!!

Here is a #DIY craft that you can make using almost ALL supplies that are already in your house! These beautiful, realistic flowers can be made out of either coffee filters or tissue paper! Put some easy and memorable consideration into a unique #bouquet for Mothers' Day or any day to make that special someone feel loved.

Let's get started!!

Here's the supplies you'll need:

Coffee Filters or Tissue Paper

School/Elmers Glue

Stems (wire floral stems, wooden dowels, incense)


Step #1: Make a narrow heart pattern out of an index card or construction paper <3

This will be your pattern to follow to make all of the petals. Just fold the index card, trace and cut out a heart. Keep this handy as you'll use it for the entire bouquet. (side note: added bonus of love as the little #heart petals make the flowers...so sweet!)

Step #2 Now cut your petals out of the filters!

Using 3-4 coffee filters, fold them in half and lay the folded heart pattern on top then cut out. Each flower takes 10-12 filter petals.

Step #3: Apply glue to the bottom half of 10-12 hearts.

I used just regular Elmer's glue but you could also use a glue stick or hot glue gun! Applying the glue now will help for ease when you start applying the petals!

Step #4 Using wire floral stems or something lying around your house:

Such as dowel rods, incense, straws, etc begin by wrapping around one filter petal around your chosen stem.

Step #5: Continue to add petals (10-12 total) around the stem.

Do so loosely to build the circumference. As you wrap and add petals, just squeeze the bottom of the flower-bulb to make it tight. Then lay to dry overnight!

The beautiful finished flower will look something like this:

Now, just make a few more out of either coffee filters or tissue paper and make a bouquet for that special someone! This is a great way to still add a gift to someone's day while saving money and saving a trip to the store. Real flowers are becoming more and more obsolete with being very expensive and also temporary. Enjoy this fun and EASY craft!!!


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