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Free Fashion - the New NEOhio Trend

On-Trend Ladies of Northeast #Ohio are Discovering an Amazing Way to Get #Free Fashion

Ladies gather for Clothing Swap Closet Clearout event in Akron Cleveland Ohio - Julie Holiday Host
Neo Ohio Clothing Swap Trendy Trades Akron Cleveland

Okay, if you're still buying your #clothes brand new or even used for that matter, climb out of the rock you're living under and open your mind up to a trend that's sweeping this area: 'Clothing Swaps'.

What Are Clothing Swaps?

Clothing Swaps or "Closet Clear Out" Events are where a group of #women (or men) bring fashion they no longer want and refresh their wardrobe by taking what they do!

Lauren Anderson owner of #NOTO North and NOTO Boutique in Akron is just one of the local retailers taking advantage of this concept. Lauren invites her shoppers and followers to drop off unwanted fashion to her store the week before the swap #event. She then sets up the clothing donations & those who contribute get to "shop" for what they want at the Clothing Swap. This particular swap was one of several that I've been to at Lauren's store NOTO & usually brings a crowd of about 20-40 women.

Julie Holidya and ladies gather for Closet Clear out Event
Clothing Swap in Portage Lakes in Akron

I was first introduced to Clothing Swaps while living in LA and looking for #thrifty ways to keep up with my fashion #obsession because it was a struggle to come up with rent, let alone shopping money. An actor girlfriend of mine brought me along to one her friend's houses to shop clothes, shoes purses, and accessories at no cost. This was a game changer.

Every Swap is Different, But #Quality is Always Important

Swaps are also an incredible way to get a large group of #girls together who are looking for fashion things they wouldn't normally not find in a store but more of a curated selection from fashion-forward ladies in the area. As the old saying goes, you get what you give, so donating clothes that are in great shape, with no holes, stains etc will ensure the Swap items are of quality, The items brought to a Swap do not have to be designer or even in season-- one woman's trash is the other's treasure.

To find out more about how Clothing Swaps work-- visit Oprah's site... yep OPRAH! -->

Want to Go to an Upcoming Swap? DUH.

To find out more about SWAPS happening in the Cleveland and Akron area:


Get Inspired

Clothing Swaps, or Closet Clearout Events are just an incredible way to expand your wardrobe without paying a dime. You'll meet some pretty cool & unique people all while exploring your creative side! Good luck & Happy Swapping!

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