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FREE GUIDE! What to Post on Social Media Every Day

by Julie Holiday

Welcome to your ultimate Social Media Weekly Content Calendar Guide – your passport to an organized and impactful online presence for your business! Below, you will find a comprehensive list of my extensive research in the Social Media industry.

In the fast-paced world of social media, consistency is key, and I'm here to help you navigate how to up your social media game. This guide will transform your feeds into a captivating narrative that keeps your audience not only engaged but eagerly anticipating what you'll share next!

Access the PDF Download Here:

FREE DOWNLOAD GUIDE_What to Post on Social Media Weekly
Download PDF • 2.82MB


Mood: People are getting back into the workweek

Think: inspiring content, travel photos, beautiful interiors, outfit of the day, quotes, motivation, daily affirmations, before and afters


Mood: It's been a long week and it's only Tuesday

Think: share tips, how-tos, educate, industry tricks, behind the scenes, tutorials


Mood: Halfway there!

Think: engage, tell a relatable story, gratitude, wellness, "day in the life", team highlights, industry-related advice


Mood: You've been waiting all week. Sell!

Think: products, services, testimonials, limited-time offers, discounts, success stories, articulate value


Mood: Let's just chill :)

Think: feel good, give back, inspiring, educational, quotes, affirmations


Mood: Weekend Vibes

Think: entertain, memes, easy-to-digest, trends, relatable scenarios, funny GIF, storytelling


Mood: Take the day off. People across every platform are not engaged.

Remember, this guide is your secret weapon, however, it's your unique voice and perspective that truly make your content shine. The more of YOU you can share, the better!

So, go ahead and conquer the week, armed with your calendar and a world of possibilities. Here's to sparking conversations, forging connections, and spreading GOOD NEWS across the ever-evolving canvas of social media! 🚀📱💫

Happy posting,

Founder, Julie Holiday Media

Follow me on Instagram: @julieholiday

Find me on Facebook: @julieholidaytv

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