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How to Look Great On-Camera

My Top 5 Secrets to Look Fantastic in Any Photo

Top 5 Ways to Look Great in Any Photo

Okay, so I kinda love posing for pictures.  Admittedly, 90% of the pictures on my phone are of myself.  With that said, I have posed and taken thousands of pictures over the years both professionally, and for fun.  In all those sessions, I have learned some #tricks to really play up my best features while posing.  So, brace yourself because I am about to let you in on my top secrets to get you looking fantastic in any #photo instantly!

1. It’s all in how you pose!   If you are standing, turn your #body so that one side of your body is closer to the camera than the other.  A slight turn towards the camera can make you appear much more slim.  If you must stand head on, stick you booty toward the back wall to make it further from the camera. Much more flattering! Also, anything that's a little larger...(on me: my thighs and my arms sometimes) cheat them away from the #camera and stick out smaller attributes -- like hands, wrists, elbows, knees towards the camera.

Me at an event in LA-- I was turned sideways and sticking my booty out LOL

2. Say “Money”…not “Cheese”!  We’ve all heard “say cheese” when we are #posing for a #picture, but do not fall for this trap.  Saying the word “cheese” makes a very unflattering face.  Instead, say the word” money”.  Almost each part of saying this word makes an #attractive face.  Try it now!  Doesn’t it feel good?

Every mouth-form of the word "money" is flattering. Think or say "money" instead of "cheese"

3. Breathe in deep-- right as the picture is taken

Want your cheekbones to standout or your #eyes to look larger? Right as the capture button is about to be pressed, breathe in deep! This will expand your rib cage, #brighten your eyes and enliven your face! Also the more oxygen the better and the more life you will appear to have! This will also allow your chest to pop out a bit which is super #flattering and slimming to the camera's eye.

Breathe in deep to look extra lively and flattering

4. Wear a Berry color on your lips!

Ok I know this may sound crazy but your smile and teeth with thank me for this one! Any lipstick with a Berry under-tone will help to brighten and make your smile standout. See below for an example of different colors to choose from. Avoid any lipsticks with green or orange tones, as those bring out any yellow you may have in your smile. Instead opt for colors that are cooler in tones with a hint of blue or purple. See below!

Some great Berry Shades! Credit: @bloglovin

5. Think about your wardrobe color choices wisely!

Yes, fun florals or cool geometric patterns can look really sweet in person, but sometimes on camera, solid colors can be more flattering. Especially if you are auditioning or modeling, stick with the solid colors because they don't draw attention like patterns do!

See below-- these outfits are absolutely adorable, but they do add a touch more bulk to my already tall figure!

Thank you for reading and let me know of any tricks you have to look great in pictures!



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