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I am delighted to help you focus on growing your business or event. Let's get together to clarify and identify your goals and the best way to reach them. 

Brand Consulting


As your expert brand consultant, my role is to help identify, develop, and enhance your brand identity and strategy. 


I utilize my graphic design skills and direction to design a logo, brand messaging, colors, and fonts to best portray your personality and the mission of the business. I can help you ensure your brand is consistent, professional, and strong. 

I can be involved in any part of the process, from developing

brand guidelines, designing logos and visual assets, and tone of voice, to providing ongoing support to ensure brand consistency across various channels and touchpoints.

My role is to help you build a strong and memorable brand that resonates with your target audience, to enhance customer loyalty, and ultimately contribute to your company's success in the market.

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Happy Disclaimer: Just FYI, through our partnership, I have the ability to help share public details and information about your business with my followers. The Good News? More people will learn about you! 

Julie Holiday Media | Akron, Ohio | | 310-654-7500

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