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Workshop: How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Business

This in-person presentation is a step-by-step walkthrough on incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your business. We will go over how to use and capitalize on technology that is revolutionizing every industry...even yours!


Through interactive classes, I introduce people and entrepreneurs to the ways in which to develop, grow, and market their businesses. Each topic is designed for all levels of entrepreneurship.  We will walk through fun step-by-step instructions on how to build engagement, increase brand awareness, and cultivate creative techniques to make your sales and businesses POP. 

When you book a topic presentation for your audience, attendees have access to: 

- Creative Marketing Strategies

- Well organized Presentations

- Breakout Sessions

- Networking

- Live Q & A

- Hands-on Help 


Get this topic for only $299

Bundle 3 Topics for $775 (Use Promo Code: WP3)

Bundle all 10 Topics for $2,350 (Use Promo Code: WP10)

Workshop: How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Business


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